Wonder Girls’ Yubin Smears On Some Red Lipstick

Girl group Wonder Girls’ Yubin smeared on some sexy red lipstick and posted a picture of it on Twitter on November 7. “I put on red lipstick that Hyelim gave to me for my birthday. What do you think?,” said Yubin.

In the picture, the singer did not seem to be wearing much make-up but emphasized her sexiness through her red lips. It seemed to match well with her tanned skin.

The netizens’ comments included, “Yubin looks good in everything,” “So pretty,” “It’s a bit scary too to be honest,” and “Where is that lipstick from?”

This year, the group had signed with DefStar Records which is part of the Sony Music Japan company for their Japanese debut. Additionally, at the end of October, the Wonder Girls had an interview with Nick Cannon.