Fans Beg No Hong Chul to Give “Gangnam Style” Pose

While traveling abroad, No Hong Chul felt the widespread reach of his fame after appearing on PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” music video as the ever-so-popular loin-thrusting Asian guy in the elevator. 

No Hong Chul reported the incident himself on his Twitter, giving a shout out to PSY, “A-Yo Hyung (PSY)! Would you believe this is happening to me? People from America, Great Britain and even Iraq…have been pleading and pleading for me to repeat my dance move from your music video. Despite the repetitious requests, I always give in. I always give it my all….” He also uploaded a photo as proof of his generous obliging to fan requests. 

As seen in the photo, a happy fan is between the legs of No Hong Chul who wears the same outrageous expression he wore for PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video with the exact hip-thrusting stance he assumed in the elevator scene. 

PSY responded back with, “Yeah, actually No Hong Chul- people abroad always ask me what line of work the guy dancing in the elevator does.”