Which Idols Will Be Taking the CSAT Tomorrow?!

With only a day until the College Scholastic Ability Test (aka sooneung), Korea is in a frenzy to prepare for the big day. Approximately 670,000 students are expected to take the exam tomorrow morning and about 3,000 police cars and motorcycles will be mobilized to offer rides to students who will be running late tomorrow morning. Parents have flocked to nearby temples and churches to pray for their children’s success in the upcoming exam. Needless to say, the sooneung, which comes around every November, is one of the biggest and most nerve-wracking day of the year. As such, many celebrities have released photos and videos of them cheering the students.

While many are simply sending their well wishes, there are a number of idols who will also be biting their nails tomorrow! Scroll through the gallery to see if your favorite idol will be among the 660,000 nervous test takers!

f(x)’s Krystal

APink’s Son Na Eun

KARA’s Kang Ji Young

4minute’s Kwon So Hyun

Teen Top’s Niel

U-Kiss’s Dongho

APink’s Hong Yoo Kyung

BigStar’s Raehwan

Girls’ Day’s Hyeri

AOA’s Yoo Kyung

B.A.P.’s Jong Up

Dal Shabet’s Soobin

JJ Project’s Jr.

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