2PM’s Chansung Reveals “What Time Is It?” Concert Poster

As a follow up to yesterday’s Taecyeon poster, 2PM revealed the concert poster for their maknae Chansung on November 7.

Much like Taecyeon’s poster, Chansung’s poster also follows the same dark and gray concept. Chansung is wearing the same type of black leather outfit with silver studs embedded across his shoulders. Although the photo portrays the side of his face, Chansung seems more charismatic and masculine than ever.

JYP Entertainment said, “With the upcoming 2PM concert tour, we will be revealing the group and member posters starting from today. The concert will have more complete performance and music, so please look forward to 2PM’s upcoming show.”

The concert, “2PM Tour 2012 ‘What Time Is It?’”, is scheduled to begin on November 17 in Shanghai. More photos and information about the concert can be found at 2PM’s official homepage here!