Super Junior’s Choi Si Won Invites Fans to be Extras in His Drama

What do you do when you need to gather a lot of people to be extras for your drama and you don’t have much time? Why, tell your Hallyu star to advertise on twitter, of course! And that’s just what Super Junior’s Choi Si Won did.

He recently updated his twitter with the filming location address and no less than 150 fans arrived. It’s been revealed that foreign fans who were visiting Korea from countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Thailand also participated along with local fans.

His character, Kang Hyun Min, in the SBS drama “King of Drama” is an actor with a diva personality. This scene is where his character holds a fan-meeting and he had the opportunity to display his piano playing skills and serenade the fans.

A Chinese fan commented, “I’m really happy to attend this special fan meeting. I saw this on the internet so I applied. This is such an awesome experience.” A fan from Australia exclaimed, “I can’t believe this just happened. I’m so glad that I came to Seoul to experience this. This is different from Super Junior’s concerts. I’d recommend everyone to attend something like this if you have the chance.”

Choi Si Won said, “I’m very surprised. I’m really happy that I got to spend time with real fans for the filming than just extras. It was a valuable time. I’m really surprised that not just local fans, but fans from countries like Thailand, Singapore, etc came.:

It’s been revealed that this scene will appear on the November 12 broadcast at 9:55pm (KST).

Soompiers, are they lucky fans or what?