Ha Ji Won Introduces Herself as an Author

On November 6, actress Ha Ji Won introduced herself not as an actress, but as an author!

Ha Ji Won showed off her published book “Right This Moment” at Imperial Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul. “I am so nervous,” the actress told at the press conference. She said she feels awkward to be in the spotlight not for her drama or movie but for her book.

She decided to name the book “Right This Moment” because it is one of her favorite phrases. With a shyly gentle voice, the celebrity said, “I love my life now. Because I am here today, I will be able to carry on tomorrow.”

Ha Ji Won has been preparing the book for the last two years. The book is a collection of her life story essays. Mainly, the essays deal with turning points in life. The book will illustrate Ha Ji Won’s life as a tomboy girl to becoming a top actress.

“Right This Moment” recorded at rank 13 on the Top 20 Best Sellers ranking.