T-ara’s Dani Cast in “School 2013” with Five Dolls Hyoyoung

T-ara‘s newest member Dani will make her official TV debut in a drama before she debuts as a part of T-ara. She has been cast in upcoming KBS drama “School 2013.” “School 2013” is the fifth season of the “School” series, revived after nearly a decade since “School 4” aired. Dani has been cast with Five DollsHyoyoung to be a part of “School 2013” and the two lovely girls revealed how they spend their break time on the filming set.

The revealed photos show Hyoyoung and Dani wearing school uniforms, looking playful and relaxed they if they are really in high school. Dani and Hyoyoung share a ride to and from the filming set, always helping each other out. In “School 2013,” Hyoyoung got out of her usual girly, feminine self and transformed into her character Lee Gang Joo, a tomboy who acts, talks, and looks like a boy. On the other hand, Dani will be playing a role of a typical high school girl, who is more interested in her appearance and how to improve it than anything else.

This upcoming KBS drama will be directed by the original “School”s director Lee Min Hong and “Dream High“s Lee Eung Bong. Writers Lee Hyun Joo and Go Jung Won is in charge of the scripts. Currently, Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, Park Hae Mi, Lee Han Wee, Lee Jong Suk, Park Se Young, and Kim Woo Bin are cast in the show. “School 2013” will be first aired on December 3.