Big Bang’s Seungri Says Not to Disrespect Kimchi on Japanese TV

On a recent Japanese variety TV show, Big Bang‘s Seungri set forth as a “Kimchi ambassador.” During the episode, when a foreign guest said something negative about Kimchi, Seungri warned him and playfully got angry.

Seungri appeared on “Jakiroba” on November 2 with other guests from foreign countries like Nigeria, France, Afghanistan and Colombia. Each of the guests introduced a dish that would go well with the Japanese dish, ochazuke (rice cooked with green tea).

Seungri brought Kimchi and said, “This is really delicious. Dishes that have a red color gets your appetite going.” He also asked the other foreign guests if they knew how to eat Kimchi. Seungri also emphasized that it’s “Kimchi” and not “Kimuchi,” the Japanese pronunciation of the dish.

Seungri first showed his anger when the Nigerian guest said, “Kimchi is just when Koreans ferment cabbage by fumbling around.” Seungri replied with, “What did he just say,” with a playfully angry face while everyone was laughing.

Then the French guest introduced cheese when the Nigerian guest commented, “Cheese is better than Kimchi.” Then Seungri got up from his seat and said, “Don’t look down on Kimchi. That’s enough,” with a slightly raised voice.

However, Seungri kept his cool and the broadcast went along smoothly. Since it was a competition to see which dish went along with ochazuke the best, each guest fiercely defended their own dish and playfully poked fun at the other guest’s dishes. For example, the Colombian guest said, “I think it’s going to smell,” when the French guest introduced cheese.

Netizens who watched Seungri in this episode commented, “Seungri bravely emphasized that it’s pronounced ‘Kimchi’ in Japan and said what needed to be said to that foreigner. He’s awesome,” “He should be a Kimchi ambassador,” and more.