Kim Jong Gook: “The Young Moon Geun Young Returned as a Woman”

Kim Jong Gook recently shared his honest feelings and thoughts about Moon Geun Young.

Kim Jong Gook appeared on “One Night’s TV Entertainment” on November 7 and said, “The young Moon Geun Young returned as a woman.”

Kim Jong Gook started off by talking about his close friend Haha‘s marriage. He said, “When I heard that he was getting married, I couldn’t eat for a while – this isn’t a lie,” and “It wasn’t that I felt betrayed but for the first time, I felt jealous about marriage.”

Then the reporter asked him about his ideal woman. He answered, “I’d like her to be about 165cm, not too thin and have a round face. She doesn’t need to be wealthy and since I have small eyes, I’d like her to have big eyes.”

Then, a staff member who was present at the spot said, “Isn’t that exactly Moon Geun Young?” Then Kim Jong Gook answered, “Before, I thought that I would like to have a daughter like her. But when she guest starred on ‘Running Man’ not too long ago, she returned as a woman,” with a smile.

Then the reporter asked, “What if Moon Geun Young made a move on you?” Kim Jong Gook replied, “I’d like that” with a smile.