Yoo Chun Looks Very Sad at First Script Reading Session

Singer turned actor Park Yoo Chun is looking very sad, befitting his character for the melodrama “I Miss You.”

On November 8, a picture of Yoochun diligently studying his script was posted on JYJ’s official facebook page along with the message, “This is Yoochun’s first script reading for ‘I Miss You.’ What kind of awesome pose will Han Jung Woo will show! Please give a lot of interest to ‘I Miss You’ and it will air tonight at 9:55pm (KST). ^^”

Yoo Chun also wrote a message to his fans, “Did you watch the drama last night? This crazy, longing and sorry heart.. I frequently think of the phrase ‘Gonna go crazy..’ lately when looking at the script hehe. Please show ‘I Miss You’ a lot of love ^^!”

For this drama, Yoo Chun will play the role of Han Jung Woo who couldn’t protect his first love. Thus, he’ll have to live on with a sad and sorrowful heart.

Soompiers, do you think Yoo Chun will have another hit in his hands?