PSY Brings “Gangnam Style” to Oxford University

Pop sensation PSY was welcomed by screaming fans as he arrived in Oxford University debating society. He was asked to give a speech in the UK University on November 7. PSY started, “It is an honor. Though, it is kind of weird. Why would Oxford University Union call me?”

PSY wore his trademark dapper suit and black sunglasses. He posed with his greeting fans as he walked into the Union club entrance. More than 300 Union members were waiting in the chamber for PSY’s speech. Psy started to make his speech, “Just around four months ago, I was an ordinary Korean singer. Who knew ‘Gangnam Style’ would become world-widely known?” The celebrity continued talking about his life span stories, “At age 15, I heard ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ It has inspired me greatly. Since then I decided to pursue after singing and song writing career.”

Overall, Psy’s speech was interesting and fun. Lastly, Psy taught the union members the world hit horse dance moves. The celebrity then finished his speech, “It was really exciting and I am most honored.”