B.A.P.’s Him Chan and Dae Hyun Pack Jung Up Lunch for his CSAT

To support Jong Up on his big day, B.A.P.’s Him Chan and Dae Hyun prepared a special lunch for him to eat during the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT). On November 8, Dae Hyun tweeted, “Don’t know if it’s good because we prepared it on such a short notice, but hope you enjoy it and do well on your exam~! Him Chan vs. Dae Hyun!” and attached a photo of their lunch.

According to a representative of TS Entertainment, Him Chan and Dae Hyun began preparing the lunch since midnight and Jong Up appeared to be touched at their thoughtful action. 

Prior to heading off to one of the test centers, Jong Up proudly showed off a photo of the lunch posting a photo on his twitter and writing, “Lunch for CSAT! By. Dae Hyun & Him Chan.”

Meanwhile, Jong Up joined over 670,000 other students today at one of the thousand test centers to take the annual CSAT. Check out this gallery to see which idols are currently taking the exam!