Son Dam Bi Sizzles in Latest Teaser Stills for Comeback

On November 8, Son Dam Bi revealed additional teaser stills for her comeback album, “Dripping Tears.”

In the five photos released today, Son Dam Bi looks hotter than ever with a more mature and mysterious concept. Her striking poses immediately grab the attention and the overall black and white image leaves a strong impression on the fans that have been waiting for her album for nearly two years.

“Son Dam Bi is working harder than ever to prepare for her comeback in nearly two years. Her live stage will be a complete package with attractive visuals and strong performances combined together,” Pledis Entertainment said.

Her titled track, “Dripping Tears,” is already garnering a lot of attention for being the reunion of Son Dam Bi and Brave Brothers, who also produced “Crazy” and “Saturday Night.”

Son Dam Bi’s fourth mini album will be released on November 12. If you haven’t seen the teaser video yet, check it out here!