Interview with Sistar’s Hyorin Part 1: “I’m 22 Year Old Kim Hyo Jung”

Sistar’s leader Hyorin had a chance to sit down with Star Column for an interview.

I’m Kim Hyo Jung, who is 22 years old full of dreams. I’m also living another life as the leader of Sistar. I’ve made my debut with Sistar in June 2010 and it’s already my 3rd year living life as an idol.

Music, life, work and future as Kim Hyo Jung and Sistar’s leader… I’m working diligently even today to realize my dreams! I’m working really hard. Quite a few people think I’m a “cold, city girl.” That’s just “me” on the surface.

However, if anyone has a chance to talk with me, she or he can see an easy-going “me.” I have a hearty laughter. Ahhahaha.

Kim Hyo Jung has a hope to enjoy the little things in life like enjoying a roadtrip looking for delicious restaurants with friends. However, the “me” now can’t enjoy those things and spend my time with the members at the dorm. I’m used to it now, but it was really difficult in the beginning. When my friends go on vacation trips together and hang out shopping, I got jealous.

However, the members have been a source of strength during those times. We comfort and cheer each other up and now, it’s already been 3 years. People think that we’re an “ambitious girl group,” but it’s difficult for 4 girls to stay together for so long. As a leader of the team, I’ve tried to always laugh.

We reveal and discuss our big difficulties sand small problems with each other. We’re friends and like family. We will monitor each of our tv appearances and we have discussions on airport fashion because we travel often.^^ We would give each other advices, like what’s good to wear and whatnot. Ah, also! We enjoy finding delicious restaurants near our place when we feel like it.

You’re asking if it’s hard? Sistar’s leader Hyorin is strong and responsible and always shows a cheerful attitude, but 22 year old Hyo Jung sometimes grumble and wants to lean on someone. But both Sistar’s Hyorin and Kim Hyo Jung is “me.”