PSY and LMFAO’s Redfoo Take Friendly Pictures

LMFAO‘s official site uploaded pictures of members Redfoo and Skyblu together with PSY. The celebrities were caught having fun in a club on November 8 and took some pictures together.

In the picture shown, Redfoo has his arm around PSY’s shoulder and PSY shows off a frowning expression on his face. In the other picture, both celebrities are putting their thumbs up showing that they’re having a great time.

LMFAO has gained a great deal of popularity for their many hits including the addicting shuffle dance, which became a world-wide sensation. It’s interesting that these two artists almost single-handedly summed up the music trends for 2011 and 2012. 

Netizen comments followed, “The big union of Billboard ranking one and two,” “Wow, PSY is really popular now,” “They kind of look alike,” and “Who doesn’t love PSY?”