Interview with Sistar’s Hyorin Part 2: What is Sistar to You?

Sistar’s leader Hyorin had a chance to sit down with Star Column for an interview.

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Sistar’s another part of my life. If someone asks “Would you be a part of Sistar if you were born again?” I will say yes without a thought. Bora, Soyu, Dasom and me! We’re similar and also have our own individual charms. That’s why we’re focusing on both individual and group activities.

Of course we didn’t know each other well during our early days and faced some small difficulties. However, we have spent a lot of time together and now see each other like family. Our teamwork improved drastically. We’re able to solve problems whenever we face them.

Bora unni is Sistar’s eldest! She’s a year older than me. However, she respects me and the other members. She gives me strength because she listens to the members so well. Especially! She has a lot of aegyo unlike usual older sisters so we nicknamed her “aegyojengie oldest unni.”

Maknae, our Dasom has a lot of tears. Even though she’s the oldest, she takes good care of the unnis. She’s currently filming for the sitcom “Shut Up Family” and lacks sleep. It’s really sad to see her so tired. However, she would constantly laugh and show her aegyo to the unnis.^^ Fighting Dasom!

Soyu is like a friend. She has the most similar personality as I and our eating habits are similar. I also complain to her a lot and she would always accept them and I’m very thankful. Thank you! ^^

My precious members whom I’ll never trade for anything in the world! It would be great if we can continue to work real hard and achieve more things. Even though I lack a lot as a leader, I’ll try my best to be more responsible! Let’s take care of and understand each other. Love you lots! ^^