Interview with Sistar’s Hyorin Part 3: “I’m Always Sorry and Thankful for My Younger Sister”

Sistar’s leader Hyorin had a chance to sit down with Star Column for an interview.

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# My one and only younger sister

I have one younger sister. We have some similarities and differences. I’m always sorry and thankful for Hye Jung. She’s majoring in the arts and recently drew a picture of me. I take special care of her present.

Even though we’re sisters, my mother would say, “It feels like I’m taking care of two sons.” That’s how inexpressive we were.. like guys? ^^

Since I was very sick when I was young, mom would always call me with “Are you hurt anywhere?” Because I was weak since I was young, my family constantly cared about me. And now that I’m a celebrity, all the love and interest for my younger sister goes to me so I’m very sorry.

Even though she should be sad, Hye Jung is like a friend and older sister who worries and cares about me. That’s why we have a special relationship. Hye Jung, I’ll be a sister who won’t be embarrassing! Love you. For reals, a lot.. <3

# Leno, Lego and Arong
Our members are currently raising 2 cats at the dorms. A baby Russian Blue Leno and Snow Bengal baby boy. We’re not at the dorms often and can’t take care of them so we’re sorry, but Leno and Lego get along real well. Admirable!

And I can’t forget about our dog Arong! He’s part of our family at home since I was very young. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to see him often after debut, but he doesn’t come near when I go home and call his name. He doesn’t have aegyo! I think he’s ignoring me.. Since I grew up with him, I shared my happiness and sadness with him. He would always cheer me up when I cry because I’m having a hard time. Ok, I’ll go home more often~