Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Shows Off Her Amazing Figure

Girls’ Generation recent photos are receiving many attention from Internet users.

On November 7, Girls’ Generation participated in the photo shoot for “SM Art Exhibition Show.” In the revealed photos, the members are wearing classical wears in colors of black, pink and white. Out of all the members, Sunny stands out the most for her glamorous body figure.

Sunny is sitting down with her legs stretched in a tight black tank-top mini dress. The photos are not edited or professionally taken. The pictures show that Sunny has well defined body figure in real life. 

Sunny’s height is not too tall comparing to other Girls’ Generation members, yet she possesses an amazing body figure. Netizens commented below the revealed photos, “Sunny is looking gorgeous,” “She looks so sexy,” “Her body line is amazing!” and “Sunny is becoming more prettier and womanly!”