Song Hye Gyo Donates Her Earning from Public Interest CF

Recently, Song Hye Gyo starred in Dusan‘s new TV commercial for the company’s public interest campaign. This commercial was filmed in China, focusing on the campaign’s main beneficiary, children. This campaign tells people, “The world depends on those who are responsible to carry out the future,” and explains, “It is our society’s responsibility to foster children, their dreams and hopes to make a better future.” 

This public interest campaign is special because of Song Hye Gyo’s “talent donation.” She decided to donate her earnings from this campaign towards building Dusan’s Hope Elementary school in China. Song Hye Gyo’s agency explained, “Song Hye Gyo joined this campaign as a way of giving back to her fans in China after receiving so much love and support from them. She has been a big fan of Dusan’s ‘Human-centered’ philosophy and when the opportunity presented itself, she decided to partake in their campaign.” 

The campaign commercial shows Song Hye Gyo meeting Chinese people and then switch over to her smiling brightly among a group of children. She narrates in the commercial, “When I first encountered China, I thought the country’s power stems from it’s thousands of years of history, large land, rich resources.” Although the campaign was filmed in China and is talking about China, the message it contains applies to Korea as well. The commercial suggests this by having Song Hye Gyo ask, “Aren’t we the same?” 

Meanwhile, Song Hye Gyo plans on making a come back to the small screens with “That Winter, The Wind Blows.”