BEG Releases Still Cuts of Upcoming Rated 18+ Concert

For the first time ever, a girl group will be holding an adult only concert with an audience age requirement of at least 18 years old. The girl group is none other than the Brown Eyed Girls and the concert will be called “Tonight 37.2°C.” Stills of the concert have been released!

Brown Eyed Girls’ agency posted up stills of the concert’s teaser clip on their official blog, Facebook and Youtube channel.

In the revealed stills, the Brown Eyed Girls’ members look sexy and chic. They pose with alluring looks and charms. The teaser clips will be released next week, which will showcase stories of love, hurt and revenge between a man and a woman with eroticism and style.

“Tonight 37.2°C” will be held on two days, December 24 and December 25 at the Central City Millennium Hall in Korea. It is the first concert ever to be rated 18+ for a girl group.

This concert will surely be a great Christmas gift for Brown Eyed Girls’ fans since it is their first concert in two years.