New Stills of Uee as Ice Princess for “Jeon Woo Chi” Released

Uee transformed into an “ice princess” in a lovely hanbok (Korean traditional dress) in recent stills for the upcoming drama, “Jeon Woo Chi.”

Uee’s role in the drama is the emotionless and stony Hong Moo Yeon. In the stills, Uee sports lovely seasonal hanbok outfits. Her facial expressions are cold but she still manages to look elegant and graceful. These stills raised anticipations for this drama even more.

The filming for these stills took place on October 15. Uee worked with Lee Hee Jun on this day and had to act out the emotionless and expressionless Hong Moo Yeon. Uee, who is known to be bright at all times, was able to focus and naturally act out her cold character.

Uee perfectly executed her serious lines with a heavy face. Uee’s character was cast under a spell and she was able to naturally act as if she was possessed by something. But as soon as the director gave the OK sign, she returned to her bright image again, news agencies report.

Staff members remarked, “Uee is really playful. She is 100% different from her character Hong Moo Yeon. But when she is acting, she is 100% synchronized with her character. We can tell how hard Uee is trying for this drama.”

“Jeon Woo Chi” will air its pilot episode on November 21.