Ha Ji Won Shows Multiple Charms for Fashion Brand Crocodile Lady

Ha Ji Won has recently posed for the 2012 winter collection of the fashion brand Crocodile Lady.

This season’s Crocodile Lady line boasts an elegant, sporty and chic style. There are three concepts, “Dear First Lady,” “Don’t Move,” and “Timeless Chic.”

The “Dear First Lady” concept displays the elegant and classy style that first ladies and top actresses wear. Items like a tweed jacket and fur coat are included in this concept. Other items include lace skirts and vintage dresses.

The “Don’t Move” concept displays a sporty but feminine style and includes items like down jackets of different flashy colors. Accesories like belts, boots, gloves, arm warmers are also a part of this concept.

The “Timeless Chic” concept gives off a cosmopolitan and chic feeling. Items like a cape coat, a red blouse and a leather skirt help perfect this look. Other items include wool coats, vests and knit sweaters.

Ha Ji Won models all of these concepts in her own way with experienced poses and facial expressions.