Yoo In Na Pens Handwritten Letter to Fans for “Volume Up’s” 1st Anniversary

Actress Yoo In Na personally penned her own letter of commemoration for KBS Cool FM‘s “Volume Up” one year anniversary. 

Afterwards, she tweeted, “I finished writing my letter! My handwriting is so messy, I don’t know if you’ll recognize that I wrote it. I am uploading photos of it so everyone can see it! Good night everyone, sweet dreams! I am off to bed as well. College exam takers, be sure to dress warmly and eat a hearty breakfast before going off to school! The world is at your feet! You have nothing to fear!” 

On November 7, Yoo In Na also responded to fan letters on KBS Cool FM’s “Yoo In Na’s Volume Up.”

Fans noticed that Yoo In Na responded to almost every single fan by name with sincere responses such as, “To Anonymous, who shared about his struggles at home which plunged him into depression, affecting his ability to take college entrance exams- thank you for sharing your story and for telling us that you working on being happy one day at a time. I sincerely wish the best for you.”

Netizens who saw the photos of the letter responded with, “Yoo In Na has such a kind heart”, “Her handwriting is just as adorable as she is” and “I am envious that all of those fans received a personal response, one by one from Yoo In Na”