JYJ Jaejoong Shows His Support for New Artist Baek Seung Heon

New R&B artist Baek Seung Heon recently made his debut on November 4 on SBS Inkigayo with his debut track “Til The Sun Rises.” It has a medium temp, drum beat, R&B sound to it with romantic lyrics penned to its rather sweet melody. The charismatic 21-year-old vocalist not only shows off his impressive range but rapping skills. The lyrics express a man’s budding feelings for a woman, and that if she told him she would choose to stay by his side before the the sun rises, he would cherish her forever. 

It is reported that JYJ Jaejoong held a significant role in Baek Seung Hoon’s debut, from penning the lyrics to giving input on the production of the music video for “Til The Sun Rises.” 

He even sent an encouraging text message to the new artist that said, “When you’re standing on stage, believe that you are the best. Show them everything you have prepared up until this very moment. When I arrive back to Korea, let’s catch up.”

Baek Seung Hoon had this to say about Jaejoong’s support, “I heard Jaejoong has been suffering a cold lately, but to receive such a thoughtful text from him even when he’s incredibly busy is very touching. I sent him a text back asking him to take care of his health and get better soon! When I received that text, I felt so supported and was driven to work harder than ever.”