Wonder Girls Sohee Shows Off New Skill at Wonder World Tour 2012

Youngest member of the Wonder Girls, Sohee recently stirred netizen interest with her new skill. 

On Youtube, a clip featuring the “Wonder World Tour in Seoul 2012” performances recorded from this past July suddenly gained hot interest lately in online community forums. 

In the screenshots compiled below, Sohee is wearing a hot pink suit and her hair done up in a high pony tail. She manages to give off a sophisticated yet sexy aura without having to bare much at all. Her male back-up dancers enhanced her performance on stage as she performed some light acrobatic movies with various studded and sparkly poles that were utilized in the choreography, providing for a riveting performance. Sohee impresses all with her new dance skill, which incorporate some variation of pole dancing and acrobatic movement. 

With her sexy charisma and irresistible charm, it is likely many male fans were swooning that night. 

In related news, the Wonder Girls recently participated last month in a concert for U.N. Day with other K-Pop artists for celebratory “Message of Hope” concert.