PSY Asks Obama for White House Invite to Teach the President the “Gangnam Style” Dance

On November 8, PSY made a guest appearance on a British radio show Capital FM, where he asked President Barack Obama invite him to the White House so that he could teach him his famous dance in person.

During a recent interview with WZID-FM, Obama stated that he thinks he can pull off the moves from “Gangnam Style.” In response to this, Capital FM asked PSY if he would be able to give the President a few pointers in a special video message.

PSY responded, “I gotta teach him face to face, not like this . This is really hard by video you know. I gotta teach him step by step, and it’s too complicated with the video. So please invite me once, so that I can teach you.”

In related news, PSY was also spotted at Oxford University where he gave a speech on his childhood and dream.