Is CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Uncomfortable Because of His Height?

Lee Jung Shin, the bassist from boy band CNBlue, might have to experience a little discomfort with his tall height, but he is doesn’t let it show.

The picture taken is a behind-the-scenes shot of his photoshoot for Marie Claire. Because he’s literally out of reach from the hair and makeup staff, he was considerate by spreading his legs to lower his height. His pictorial will be included in the December edition.

It’s been revealed that on this day, Lee Jung Shin went for a chic, manly image. He showed off his professionalism by quickly capturing different poses and the staff admired his star aura.

Meanwhile, he’s receiving much love in the popular KBS weekend drama “My Daughter Seoyoung.” He successfully transformed into an actor with his adorable role as a chaebol’s maknae son.

Any Soompiers over 6 feet? How tall are you and are there any discomforts with tall height?