“Full House Take 2’s” Hwang Jung Eum and No Min Woo Get Close For Selca

“Full House Take 2’s” Hwang Jung Eum recently posted a selca of her and of her fellow cast member No Min Woo on her Cyworld mini homepage and titled it, “With Mr. Rude Tae Ik.”

The two were so close that they looked like a real couple. It seemed like Hwang Jung Eum’s actual boyfriend Kim Yong Joon would be jealous of these two fake lovebirds.

The netizens’ reactions were various in that some said, “They must be really close if Hwang Jung Eum calls him that way,” whereas others said, “Kim Yong Joon is going to get so jealous. Get off of each other~.”

Hwang Jung Eum and No Min Woo are currently starring in the second season of the once popular drama “Full House” titled “Full House Take 2”on the SBS Plus network.