A “Fan” Gets Intimate with miss A’s Suzy

Poor Suzy.

On November 8, miss A’s Suzy and singer Lee Juck were the MC’s for MBC’s “2012 College Festival” held in MBC Dream Center at their Ilsan location.

Everything seemed to be going fine with college students lined up to perform and their peers enjoying the performances until one of the contestants ran into Suzy’s arms at the end of the festival. She was shaking hands with every contestant until the incident happened and as the pictures show, she looked quite dumbfounded and shocked.

Suzy tried her best to be professional by not showing her discomfort and seemed to be stuck in the situation. Her co-host, Lee Juck, took her hand and helped her off stage to distance her from the contestant.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, “What’s up with that contestant?” “Lee Juck is awesome,” “Suzy must’ve been surprised,” “Lee Juck’s a national manner man,” “How dare he.. to Suzy..” “That contestant will probably get terrorized by Suzy fans,” “Lee Juck is a super hero.”

Soompiers, this might be every fan’s dream.. but, is it right?