Female Student from Oxford Cries after Seeing PSY

PSY’s popularity has grown so much, his presence itself can make someone break down in tears!

On November 7, PSY had a special lecture at Oxford University in front of over 300 students to talk about his success and life story. At one point, he said, “With the Gangnam style I’m living in a dream and I’m living in a nightmare. Making a speech at the Oxford Union is a dream, but I’ve got to beat Gangnam Style: I’ve got to beat 70 million views, I’ve got to beat the horse-riding dance and I’ve got to beat the music video – toilet scenes, elevator scenes – how can I beat that elevator scene? It’s so nasty, right?”

After the speech was over, a female student from the crowd came up to the podium and asked if she could get a hug. With no hesitation, PSY embraced the female fan, as she started to break down in tears at the emotional moment.

Netizens commented, “Is that the PSY I know?” “Wow, he’s a true idol star,” and “That girl looks kind of big though.”