JYP Explains Why He Went MIA for the Last Two Months

Late last month, Park Jin Young tweeted a photo of himself on vacation in the Middle East. At the time, no one was clear on why or how he ended up taking a two month break in – of all places – the Middle East. On November 9, JYP finally gave an explanation on what made him pick the Middle East as his first vacation spot in nearly 20 years.

“For two months, I lived in the desert with no phone or Internet. It’s only been about a week since I came back to Korea,” JYP said.

“At one point, I came the realization that I’ve been making the same type of music. It felt like I was telling my company people or younger musicians the same things,” he continued.

“I debuted in 1994, but for the last 20 years, I haven’t stopped working for a single day, including holidays and Christmas Day. I was nervous but decided to quit everything, so I cut off all connections and just flew to the Middle East,” he added, as he said he hasn’t listened to or wrote any music during his trip.

“Upon my return to Korea, I wrote three songs in a week. The songs came out differently than my old songs. It’s a blessing that I’m in the Korean music industry, and I’m just thankful for everything. I think this trip changed a lot about myself,” he said.