It seemed like it wasn’t that long ago when the only thing we saw on Korean entertainment news was T-ara and mostly T-Ara, and a little more of T-Ara.. and did I mention T-Ara? From the announcement that Hwayoung was excused from the group, to bully rumors and stage performance controversies, being dropped from drama casting and even public outcries to stop T-Ara from endorsing products, they were constantly in the public eye from late July to mid September. And after losing public favor, they slowly faded away from the spotlight.

But the question is, what are they up to now? The latest pictures show that the members are in a brighter mood than a few months ago and is even able to give a small smile for the camera.

On November 9, T-Ara headed to Incheon International Airport to promote the Japanese version of their latest song “Sexy Love” in Japan on November 14.

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