DBSK’s Changmin Reveals His Troubles

Recently, a popular idol revealed his worry, drawing a lot of attention among netizens. A photo of a handwritten note, titled “Troubles of a Popular Idol,” made its way onto various online communities. The memo started, “Seriously, seriously, I really have a serious worry.” Then there was a list of various foods like hamburger, pizza, ramyun, tteokbokki, kimbab, and more. The post ended with, “This isn’t all. There are so many delicious food in the world, that it troubles me.”

It’s been revealed that DBSK’s Changmin wrote this memo. In a past TV appearance, the singer mentioned his appetite for food by saying that he could easily finish off two pans of large pizza by himself.

Netizens who’ve seen Changmin’s memo commented, “Changmin daebak,” “He loves food as much as I do! We have something in common!” “How can he maintain his lean body when he loves food that much,” and more.