Se7en Celebrates 29th Birthday with Decade-Old Photo

Happy birthday Se7en! On November 9, Se7en celebrated his 29th birthday with two photos taken 10 years apart.

He first shared a photo from 10 years ago with the message, “10 years ago…19th bday!!!” In the decade-old photo, Se7en is rocking long hair with a padding jacket that was the most popular item in the early 2000s. He looks much younger in this pre-debut photo, but his clear facial features and trendy fashion sense are the same as it is now.

Moments later, Se7en updated another photo of him celebrating his 29th birthday. With his birthday cake in front of him, Se7en is just about to blow out the candles as he take a V-sign photo. Alongside the tweet, he wrote, “#happybdaySE7EN,” making a quickly trending word on Twitter.

Netizens commented, “I still remember that Se7en,” “You’re still 19 in my heart,” and “Happy birthday, Se7en!”