BoA Explains Why SM Entertainment Didn’t Sign Anyone From “K-Pop Star Season 1”

K-Pop Star Audition judge BoA recently revealed to the press, the true reasons for why SM Entertainment had decided not to cast any of the contestants from season 1, while JYP and YG entertainment signed up at least one contestant each. 

She stated, “The competition rules of season one were such that the first place winner could pick any agency to sign a contract with to debut as a singer. Park Jimin won 1st place, but decided to sign with JYP Entertainment. As for the rest of the contestants who placed in the top tier of singing competitors, we definitely felt they had potential but we did not feel that there was any one individual in particular who represented SM colors and could truly put forth the effort towards becoming not only a star in Korea but abroad as well. It was never because we felt disappointed in how the contestants fared during their special stages during season 1.”

BoA also went on to express great enthusiasm and excitement about Season 2 of K-Pop Star Audition, “I remember keyboardists, lovely vocalists and contestants who danced like Michael Jackson. All of the contestants left an impression in my memory and I cannot wait to see what talent we’ll have this next season.”

Season 2 of K-Pop Star Audition is set to air on November 18 at 5pm.