Kim Jong Kook Has Fun in the Arcade with His Mom

Pictures of singer Kim Jong Kook and his mother immersed in playing an arcade game have been circulating the net.

An online community put up the pictures of the singer and his mother enjoying a game.

Kim Jong Kook looks like a child as he smile brightly on his game date with his mother. His mother also looks like she is enjoying the time spent with her son.

A representative of Kimg Jong Kook’s agency, JK Entertainment, explained, “Whenever he has free time he likes to go on trips with his mother. He took her to the arcade so he could give her a memorable time like the days when he was a child.”

It’s great to see Kim Jong Kook spending time with his mother, especially considering that he must be busy promoting his 7th album, “Men Are Like That.” Wouldn’t it be great if all men were like that?