IU Thinks of Herself as “Beer” and Calls Park Myung Soo “Makgulli”

Cutie icon IU showed off her witty talk on MBC “Strongest Victor Quiz Show Q.” This newly introduced MBC program chose IU, Park Myung Soo and Son Beom Soo as the three MCs.

IU compared the two male MCs to alcohol brands. IU told, “MC Son Beom Soo is like a Jungjong alcohol. He leads the program very smoothly. On the other hand, MC Park Myung Soo is like Makgulli. Park Myung Soo is so unpredictable. His program leading method depends on the day’s condition.”

Lastly, IU compared herself to beer, “I am so sparkling and addictive, so I am beer!”

Park MyungSoo replied to IU’s remark, “So you do know that you are like beer. The beer bubble that eventually disappears!”

Netizens commented, “They are so cute,” “IU is so witty,” and “The three MCs mix well together!”