IU’s Waist Measures at 23-Inch!

Singer IU showed off her ant-sized waist.

On the episode of MBC’s “God of Victory” that aired on November 11, IU’s petite frame was compared to the not-so-small physique of the health trainer Sean Lee. During the show, the guests and the MCs were surprised at the large size of Sean Lee’s thigh, and decided to measure it along with the size of IU’s waist for comparison.

When MC Kim Yong Man first asked IU what her waist size was, she answered hesitantly, “I think it’s about 24 inches.” But when they actually measure it, it was 23 inches. Sean Lee’s thigh was 25.5 inches, and everyone on the set could not help but be impressed with IU’s small waist.

Netizens who heard this news admired, “IU’s waist is too tiny. I think she might be too thin,” “IU must have been embarrassed to reveal her waist size,” “IU’s waist is indeed ant-size.”