Block B Says Female Idols Look Ugly Without Make-up

Idol group Block B has done it again.

The problem occurred on November 8, on Cable TV, MTV “Match-up: Block B Returns.”The team was asked whether they have ever seen idol groups without make-ups. Block B answered that they have and the staff asked, “Do they look different?”

Block B’s Jaehyo looked at Taeil, “The girl you always pointed out when we talk about girls with no make-up.” Apparently, Taeil mentioned the female idol name out loud but it has been replaced with a beep sound. Taeil continued directly looking at the camera, “She is really ugly without a make-up, You are a cheater!” Other Block B members started to laugh mockingly. Then Tail said, “What I just said should not be on air.”

Block B has been criticized by netizens for making a thoughtless remark towards Thailand victims of natural disaster.