The Special Trio MCs for Tonight’s Music Core

With Girl’s Generation’s TaeTiSeo trio in the US for a concert this weekend, miss A’s Suzy, Min, and B.A.P’s Dae Hyun will be the special hosts for tonight’s episode of MBC’sMusic Core.

The main vocal of B.A.P has gain popularity for his outstanding looks before his formal debut. Dae Hyun, who was nicknamed after “Busan Wonbin,” is also known for his singing and acting skills. Recently, he revealed his hidden acting skills by disguising as Jung Madam on KBS 2TV “Gag Concert.” The fans are praising him for his various capabilities.

The singer does not have many experience in leading a program. Though, the expectation is high for his skills and backgrounds.

Fans are especially anticipating to see the two most good-looking female and male idols teaming up. 

The program was on air at 4pm on November 10 KST.