Rainbow’s Jaekyung Competes For Bagel Girl Title

Rainbow’s Jaekyung tweeted “I wanted to compete of the title of Bagel Girl with Kim Ji Sook. I would like to invite everyone to take a look at both our photos and decide for themselves,” and uploaded a photo of herself taken from behind.

With five-inch heels, Jaekyung shows off her slender and shapely legs that flatter her S-line figure. Her polka-dotted headband perfectly accents her sweet, innocent yet sexy look. She also strategically places her hand directly on her hip, pushing up her shirt a little so as to expose some skin. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented with, “Wow, I never knew she had an amazing body like this”, “Kim Jaekyung has such a lovely figure”, “The color red suits her well” and “Kim Ji Sook is adorable but Kim Jaekyung is sexy!”