Lee Seung Gi Opens Up About the Dating Rumors with BEG’s Ga In

Recently, singer and actor Lee Seung Gi opened up about the dating rumor he was involved in with BEG’s member Ga In.

On KBS’s “Entertainment Relay” that aired on November 10, Lee Seung Gi shared his debut story. He became a singer in 2004 with a song titled, “Because You’re My Girl.” Due to the popularity of this song, Lee Seung Gi was nicknamed, “Nation’s little brother.”

Lee Seung Gi continued, “At the time, everyone I met were older than me, but not anymore. And the “big sister” I used to call out before is quite different than the “big sister” of today.”

When the reporter asked about the most bizarre rumor he was involved in, Lee Seung Gi answered, “As a celebrity, I have had many rumors. The strangest one was the rumor of BEG’s Ga In and me being in a romantic relationship.”

Lee Seung Gi explained, “Ga In was also frustrated with this false rumor so she appeared on “Strong Heart” to clarify. I was so shocked at how so many people could believe a rumor that is completely untrue.”