Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoo Chun’s Friendly Encouragements

Actress Song Ji Hyo uploaded a picture of herself taken in front of MBC’sI Miss You” poster on her official Facebook page.

Under the photo, the actress wrote an encouraging message for her agency’s family actor, “Park Yoo Chun, thank you so much for coming by yesterday! I saw your new drama poster in the elevator. You look very handsome! Good luck!”

On the same day of the updated Facebook photo, Song Ji Hyo was on her way to promote her new movie “The Jackal Is Coming.” The netizens assumed that Park Yoo Chun stopped by to encourage Song Ji Hyo for her movie promotion at a radio station.

“The Jackal Is Coming” will be in theaters on November 15, and “I Miss You” has currently broadcasted the second episode on TV.