Oh Yeon Seo Says She Will Marry MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

On MBC “We Got Married Season Four,” Oh Yeon Seo made a surprising yet frank remark, “I am really going to marry Lee Joon after five years later!”

On the episode on November 10, actress Oh Yeon Seo and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon enjoyed their date at the village market. Many people recognized the couple and welcome them. The couple expressed thanks for such warm greetings and decided to grab a juice. The owner of the juice store said to Oh Yeon Seo, “You weren’t much prettier back then but now that you are married, you look really pretty.”

After the evaluation statement, Lee Joon stood up for his wife, “No, she has been always pretty!” The store owner replied to Lee Joon, “No, she wasn’t this pretty before marriage.” The argument of store lady and Lee Joon brought laughter to the viewers.

As the couple continued to wander around the markets, people asked, “Are you two really married?” Oh Yeon Seo replied and made everyone surprised, “We will get married for real in five years!”

The netizens commented, “They are so cute together!” and “It will be interesting if they actually get married after five years.”