Wonder Girls’ Yoobin and Hyerim Spotted in Apgujeong

An online community forum uploaded pictures of Yoobin and Hyerim from the Wonder Girls with the title, “Wonder Girls (Yoobin and Hyerim) in Plain Clothes Snapped in Apgujeong.”

The netizen who put up the pictures explained the situation. “Yesterday my friend and I went to go hang out at Apugujeong Rodeo Street. There was a makeup store having an event so we went in to look around when two girls came in. I didn’t know who they were at first but when I looked again I recognized Yoobin and Hyerim from Wonder Girls. They were both bare-faced but pretty.”

In the pictures the two girls are bare-faced and wearing comfortable clothes. The girls’ great skin is easily noticeable.

Other netizens also recognized the girls’ natural beauty. “Yoobin looks pretty without makeup”, “She shines even with just a hoodie”, “Hyerim’s natural image is pretty”, and “It’s good to see celebrities wearing clothes that we wear” were some of the comments.