Dal Shabet’s Prepares Pepero Day Event

Girl group Dal Shabet prepared a special event for their fans that came to the filming of their comeback.

Dal Shabet’s new album “Have, Don’t Have” is to be released on November 13. On the set of filming their comeback on November 10, Dal Shabet brought Peperos for their fans to show their appreciation.

The members of Dal Shabet stated, “We prepared these small presents for our fans that supported us since our debut. After careful thoughts, we thought Peperos would be appropriate since the “Pepero Day” is approaching. We also included small handwritten massages in our gifts; we hope our fans like them.”

Meanwhile on November 12, Dal Shabet will be releasing a teaser MV of their new album, “Have, Don’t Have,” which was produced with the help of hip hop duo Jungtuk and the Cheerful Men.