Baek Chung Gang Still Unable to Sing After Cancer Treatment

On an episode of MBC’s “It’s Human Q” that aired on November 10, the winner of Season 1 “Star AuditionBaek Chung Gang’s story was told.

In August 2012 during a concert, Baek Chung Gang recognized strange symptoms and visited the hospital. He was subsequently diagnosed with stage one rectal cancer, and therefore had to stop all his singing activities including the mini album he was working on at the time. It was a huge shock to everyone, especially since his career was just about to begin.

After a successful surgery, Baek Chung Gang is recovering. However, he revealed, “It’s still too early for me to start singing. It takes a lot of strength to sing, and I just don’t have it yet.”

Baek Chung Gang did stand on the stage at the Boohwal concert, but was unable to sing. His mother told the interviewer, “The fact that he can’t sing on a stage is probably the hardest thing he is going through right now.”

Baek Chung Gang promised, “I will recover and return to those who have showed me love and support.”