Netizens React to IU and Super Junior Eunhyuk’s Twitter Photo

Netizens are responding to the recent IU and Eunhyuk scandal.

On the morning of November 10, IU tweeted a photo of herself and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk close together. IU was wearing her pajamas and Eunhyuk seemed to be shirtless and both seemed to be on a bed. The photo is now deleted from IU’s Twitter account but screenshots of the photo are rapidly spreading on the web.

LOEN Entertainment released an official statement regarding this photo and said, “IU was ill this summer and when she was resting at home, Eunhyuk came to visit her and that was when they took the photo together,” and “IU meant to post something else on Twitter but posted the photo by mistake.”

They continued, “We deeply apologize for any harm that may have been caused on Eunhyuk’s side because of this,” and “Please do not spread false rumors about IU and Eunhyuk’s relationship.”

However, despite this official statement, netizens are reacting strongly to this scandal. Netizens have been digging up past photos of IU and Eunhyuk that added onto their dating rumors. When those photos first surfaced years ago, the overall reaction was, “stop trying to force something to happen.” However, now the overall reaction is more, “I guess that did happen.”

First, netizens criticized LOEN Entertainment’s release statement. They are saying that they can’t understand the fact that a sickly person (IU) would take a “proof shot” with a shirtless person, who came to visit (Eunhyuk).

Netizens left such comments like, “IU, what a disappointment,” and “The nation’s little sister has gone missing.” It seems like many have been shocked and disappointed that IU’s image of being the innocent, pure and kind young sister has been shattered with just a mere photo.

But many netizens have been defending IU and criticizing those bad commenters as well, saying things like, “There’s no need to say those kinds of things,” “People are going too far. Nothing has been confirmed yet… it really might have been Eunhyuk visiting the sickly IU,” “She is 20 years old now,” and more.

Other netizens left comments with a bit more reasoning such as, “If it really was a sickly visit, then there’s no way they would have just taken that one photo. If IU releases another photo, I think this issue will die down a bit,” and “It’s not IU who explained about the photo but her agency. I think she should come out and explain it herself.”

Soompiers, which one of the netizen’s comments do you agree with the most?