Was Seo In Gook Always This Sexy?

Seo In Gook displayed his sexy charms for a recent photo shoot for “Elle” magazine.

Seo In Gook’s sharp eyes and energy met with an alluring charm to give off a sexy feel. With his slicked back hair and his signature eyes, Seo In Gook pulls off that homme fatale look. He sports different kinds of outfits including a double breasted black suit, a floral pattern suit and a silk shirt, all by famous brands such as Gucci, Hermes and Club Monaco.

Following the photo shoot was the interview. The interviewer shares that Seo In Gook exhibited his charismatic but playful nature as he talked about his celebrity life after being the winner of “Super Star K” season 1.

Seo In Gook not only succeeded in the music world but in the acting world as well. With his debut in the drama “Love Rain,” Seo In Gook steadily rose in fame. His popularity exploded with the recent nos
talgia drama “Answer Me 1997” and he is currently receiving love for his part in “Rascal Sons.”

This pictorial and interview can be found in the November edition of “Elle” magazine.