SHINHWA’s Jun Jin & SPICA’s Park Joo Hyun Broke Up! Was Their Relationship a Publicity Stunt?

It’s been revealed that SHINWHA’s Jun Jin and SPICA’s Park Joo Hyun broke up earlier this month. Back in September, the two went public with their relationship. After dating about ten months or so, both parties have decided to remain as friends and colleagues. 

It’s been said that Jun Jin was quite devastated after the breakup. While he’s fallen in love before, he had a special affection for Park Joo Hyun, making the breakup that much more heartbreaking. Close friends of Jun Jin stated, “He’s upset that things didn’t go as planned after breaking up with his girlfriend.” Many claimed that he even cut communication with his friends since early this month. Meanwhile, Park Joo Hyun is busy preparing for her comeback with SPICA. Their comeback is currently set for November 21.

By pure coincidence or not, news of their relationship first broke out right around the time SPICA released their single. Now, news of their breakup comes right before SPICA will release their second mini album. As such, many people are claiming that their relationship was simply a publicity stunt in hopes to put SPICA under the radar.